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At present, there are over 3500 different tunes in print for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Many are popular numbers that nearly everyone can recognize while the greater majority are tunes that are known to few and played infrequently.
There are standard numbers played at nearly every wedding, every funeral and every anniversary. While I have a variety of things prepared at any time, I may not know an individual request, but will make every effort to learn it if asked.

Unless you have specific numbers in mind, I will be happy to suggest things which work well for your type of event.

Remember, Bagpipes are best heard in a large room or from a discreet distance. Bagpipes play at only one volume level, that is, loud.

It may seem like fun to present the Piper as a surprise at the end of a wedding or during some other event. In some locations this may present difficulties. If you plan to do this, please tell me well prior to the event.