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Standard Parade Dress
Cold Weather Parade Dress
Formal Parade DressFull Dress Uniform
Casual Day WearFormal Evening Wear


Standard Parade Dress:

Glengarry Bonnet with Feather, Uniform Shirt, Kilt, Parade Sparran and Spats.

Sometimes includes cross-belt and saber




Cold Weather Parade Dress:

Glengarry and feathers, wooly-pully sweater, remainder is our standard parade dress.




Formal Parade Dress:

Glennary Bonnet with Feather, Black and Silver Doublet, Kilt, Parade Sporran, and spats. Includes cross belt and saber.




Full Dress Uniform:

Feather Bonnet with Plume, Black and Silver Doublet, Plaid, Cross Belt with Saber, Parade Sparran, Spats, etc.

Without a doubt, one of the most regal of uniforms.




Casual Day Wear:

Lovett-jacket with shirt and tie if the occasion warrants it, white hose and shoes. Nice, but casual dress for yard parties, etc.




Formal Evening Wear:

Prince Charlie Cut-away jacket, silver buttons and all, vest, formal sporran, white hose, etc.
This style of dress is usually reserved for the most formal occasions and events, e.g. weddings, Burns Night, etc.